Cultivating community, connection, and tranquility

Black Girls Break Bread is committed to fostering the health and well-being of Black women and girls. Central to our approach is creating spaces that cultivate community, connection, and tranquility to support physical, spiritual, and mental wellness.

Research highlighted in Women’s Health Reports underscores the importance of addressing psychological stress among Black women. Chronic stress has been linked to adverse health outcomes, including obesity, and Black women report higher levels of stress compared to their White counterparts. Moreover, Black women often face race- and gender-related stressors, further underscoring the need for tailored wellness initiatives.

In our efforts to prioritize mental health, we aim to introduce and expand mindfulness and meditative modalities. We believe Wellness is a holistic integration that necessitates good self-stewardship and promotes proper self-care for optimal health and functioning.

Mental Health, Meditation and Mindfulness

Increasing access to beautiful and safe spaces for healing is integral to BGBB’s mission.

The Black Girls Break Bread team was thrilled to curate a magical sound bath event to prioritize mental health, mindfulness and meditation for such deserving women in an effort to introduce and expand mindfulness and meditative modalities.

Help us bring support to those who need it