Making a difference in local neighborhoods

COVID-19 Relief

Communities on the south and west sides of Chicago were already severely under-resourced and disinvested which increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. With racial uprising, grocery stores were looted and some permanently closed leaving communities with no proximate resources for food, essential goods and medication.

Black Girls Break Bread responded immediately by distributing food, clothing and essential baby items to more than 2,000 families, expectant and postpartum persons and unhoused populations.

Holiday Donation Drive & Dinner 

In December 2023 BGBB collaborated to host a donation drive and holiday dinner for unhoused mamas and babies at Maggie’s Place – Elizabeth House in Tempe, Arizona.


Healthy is Happy 

In 2021, BGBB launched “Healthy is Happy,” a nutrition campaign to increase access to nutritious food and beverages for pregnant and parenting teens attending Chicago Public Schools.

The program leveraged partnerships with Black farmers to source local produce and healthy meals, which were distributed on a weekly basis within schools.

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